Emergency Dentist in Sydney

emergency dentist Sydney

Emergency Dentist in Sydney : Here are some helpful informations and tips on finding emergency dentists in Sydney:

  1. Dental Helpline: In Australia, you can contact the Dental Helpline at 1800 022 222 for advice and assistance in finding an emergency dentist in your area. They can provide you with information on available dental services and help you locate an emergency dental clinic.
  2. Local Dental Associations: You can reach out to the New South Wales branch of the Australian Dental Association (ADA) for a list of emergency dentists in Sydney. The ADA NSW website or their helpline can provide you with relevant contact information.
  3. Internet Search: Conduct an online search using keywords like “emergency dentist Sydney” or “24-hour dentist Sydney” to find dental practices that offer emergency services. Many dental clinics have websites with contact information and details about their emergency dental services.
  4. Local Hospitals: In some cases, hospitals may have dental departments or be able to refer you to a nearby emergency dental clinic. Contact the emergency department of a local hospital and inquire about dental services or recommendations.

Remember, it’s important to call ahead and explain your dental emergency to ensure the dental clinic you choose can accommodate you promptly. If you’re experiencing severe pain, swelling, or excessive bleeding, it may be necessary to visit the nearest hospital’s emergency department for immediate care.

24 hour dentist Sydney

Emergency Dentists in Sydney

Emergency dentists in Sydney offer dental services with 24 hour open business model. Here are some emergency dentists you can rely on in case you look for emergency dentist solutions in Sydney. Here is a lis of 24 hour dentists in Sydney :

1- Emergency Dentist Sydney

Review Score : 4.7 out of 5

website : https://www.emergencydentistsydney.com.au

Phone : +61292678540

Address : Suite 601/185 Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

2- 24 Hour Dentist Sydney

Review Score : 4 out of 5

Website : none

Phone : +61421736622

Address : 10 Fisher Ave, Pennant Hills NSW 2120, Avustralya

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