The Most Popular Socialfi Apps

best socialfi apps

The Most Popular Socialfi Apps

The Socialfi or SOFI sector keeps welcoming new projects with various sofi apps functioning on almost the exact same principle. Integrated with social media, primarily twitter/x platform, socialfi apps encourage social media users to cash in their popularity.

How Do Socialfi Apps Work ?

On sofi apps, each user acts as a crypto asset which is activated for trading upon registration. It is simply a profile trading. Users buy-sell eachother’s profiles and seek for a profit in this activity.

There are two main options to generate some profit on sofi apps ;

1- Trading profiles and take profit

İnvesting in high value profiles, such as a social media influencer, is expected to yield a profit as most of users would invest and cause a price pump.

2- Get a share from trading fees

On sofi apps users are given a share from the trading fees that the system obtains each time their profiles are traded.

The Most Popular Socialfi Projects

Here is a list of popular sofi apps that gained the most popularity on social media.



3- Ratio


5- rugpulled

6- SRB (


8- Word of mouth (

Please note that some socialfi apps may not do token launch hence your time may go to waste !

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