The Newest Airdrops 2024: Glacier


The Newest Airdrops 2024: Glacier

In this simple tutorial, you will find out how to participate in Glacier airdrop to earn GLC tokens.

Potential reward for the Glacier Airdrop is $50.

1- Connect your web3 wallet (metamask or trustwallet) by going to: Join Airdrop

2- Complete the steps listed from 1 to 6 on the page that opens.

Click on the “Launch app” link in the first step and open the application.

In the second step, click on the “Create a new namespace” button in the opened application and give it a unique name and click “ok”. Immediately afterwards, click on the “Create Dataset” button and give it a unique name and click “ok”. Then create 2 collections by clicking the + sign. Fill in the “name”, “field” and “description” sections on the opening form with any numerical or alphabetical input and save it. Repeat this for 2 times.

The fifth step is important. You need to get the OAT badge included in this step. Otherwise, you will not be able to “Claim” the GLC tokens you have earned. To get the OAT badge, go to the link in step 5, connect the same web3 wallet and complete the tasks and get the OAT badge at the last phase.

IMPORTANT WARNING: The content contained herein is not a recommendation to invest in Glacier’s token or any product it will market. Our site does not cooperate with Glacier in any way. It is always advisable to do your own research.

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