When is Notcoin CEX Listing?

when notcoin cex listing

Notcoin Investors Anxious as CEX Listing Remains Elusive

Notcoin, the TON-based GameFi project, has seen its share of excitement and controversy. While the project boasts a dedicated player base and a unique NFT-based token acquisition system on GetGems.io, its recent delay in securing a Centralized Exchange (CEX) listing is causing unease among investors.

Notcoin launched its native token on GetGems.io, a platform specializing in NFT sales. Here, investors acquired Notcoin tokens not through typical cryptocurrency exchanges, but by purchasing them as NFTs. This innovative approach, coupled with the project’s engaging gameplay, initially garnered significant interest. Additionally, the development team reportedly receives a share of trading fees generated on GetGems.io, potentially benefiting from a thriving in-game economy.

However, the promised listing on a major CEX, a key step for wider adoption and increased token liquidity, has been postponed multiple times. This has left many investors worried. The lack of a confirmed CEX listing date creates uncertainty about the future value of their NFT-bound Notcoin tokens. While the in-game utility of Notcoin might be appealing to players, for those seeking a tradable asset, the current situation is far from ideal.

The Notcoin development team has yet to address these concerns publicly. Investors are eagerly awaiting a transparent update on the CEX listing process and a concrete timeline for when they can expect to trade their Notcoin tokens on a wider market. Until then, the project’s future remains shrouded in a cloud of uncertainty.

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