Why Does Turkish Lira Keep Falling

why Turkish Lira falling

Why Does Turkish Lira Keep Falling : What is the main reason behind Turkish Lira’s consistent devaluation ? Many wonder what is actually happening about the unusual Turkish Lira losing value against other currencies.

There are several factors that cause Turkish Lira to keep weakening :

Lowering interest rates can have a complex effect on the devaluation of the Turkish lira. Generally, lowering interest rates can contribute to currency depreciation, but the impact can be influenced by a variety of factors.

  1. Capital Outflows: Lower interest rates may discourage foreign investors from keeping their money in Turkish assets. When interest rates are low, investors seek higher returns elsewhere, leading to capital outflows from Turkey. This increased selling pressure on the Turkish lira can contribute to its devaluation.
  2. Inflation Expectations: Lower interest rates can potentially fuel inflationary pressures in the economy. If investors anticipate higher inflation due to lower interest rates, they may demand higher returns to compensate for the eroding purchasing power of their investments. This could put further pressure on the Turkish lira’s value.
  3. Confidence and Risk Perception: Interest rates are a tool used by central banks to manage economic conditions and maintain stability. Lowering interest rates can signal a loosening monetary policy, which may be interpreted by investors as a sign of economic weakness or instability. If confidence in the Turkish economy diminishes, investors may sell their lira holdings, further depreciating the currency.
  4. External Factors: The value of the Turkish lira can also be influenced by external factors such as global economic conditions, geopolitical events, and investor sentiment towards emerging markets. These factors can outweigh the impact of interest rate changes on the currency’s devaluation.

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