Israel War Crimes


Allegations of war crimes in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are highly contentious, and the information available may vary depending on the sources and perspectives involved. Here are some of the main areas where Israel has faced allegations of war crimes:

  1. Gaza Strip Operations:

Operation Cast Lead (2008-2009): Allegations of disproportionate use of force and targeting of civilian infrastructure.

Operation Protective Edge (2014): Accusations of indiscriminate attacks, targeting of civilian areas, and the use of excessive force leading to civilian casualties.

  • Settlements and Occupation:

Construction of Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem is considered by some to violate international law, specifically the Fourth Geneva Convention, which prohibits the transfer of an occupying power’s civilian population into the territory it occupies.

  • Use of Force at Borders:

The use of live ammunition by Israeli forces during protests at the Gaza-Israel border, leading to a high number of Palestinian casualties.

  • House Demolitions and Evictions:

Accusations of the demolition of Palestinian homes, which some argue may violate international law.

  • Blockade of Gaza:

The blockade of the Gaza Strip has been criticized for its impact on the civilian population and is seen by some as a form of collective punishment, potentially violating international law.

  • Targeting of Journalists and Medical Personnel:

Reports of the targeting of journalists and medical personnel in conflict zones, which raises concerns about the violation of international humanitarian law.

  • Use of White Phosphorus:

Accusations of using white phosphorus during the conflict in Gaza, which raises concerns about its impact on civilians and compliance with international law.

The War Between Hamas and Israel in October 2023:

  • Israel has commited numbers of human rights violations and war crimes with officials publicly threatening with “destruction of the entire Gaza”. Israel launched hundreds of airstrikes thattargeted densely populated areas.

17.10.2023 (17 october 2023) Bombing Hospital in Gaza

Israel airforce bombarded a hospital in Gaza killing more than 500 civillians wounding many more.

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